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Development of electronic devices

Nextelligence develops and manufactures custom-made electronic devices, in particular, it manufactures samples of medical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. This opinion is one of the most difficult, due to the high price error and the supposed use of high-precision calculations, innovative technologies and the most advanced technical solutions.

Our developers are ready to quickly prepare and implement the most non-standard and complex projects of electronic devices to order for various industries – portable or power electronics, devices for receiving and collecting information, receiving and transmitting devices, etc. Development and production of medical products and devices from scratch is one of the priorities of our company. We are well versed in this area, we take into account all the current industry standards and features of the process of registration of medical devices, we use the most modern technical solutions.

Even at the design stage, our engineers take into account all the necessary criteria for obtaining the optimal result – the scope and specifics of the operation of the equipment being designed, the availability of appropriate technologies, ease of use, and others. As a result, we can provide the customer with the most competitive technical solution with a long service life.

15 years

in the field of medical equipment engineering

5 years

of development and production



Display case of projects
Display case of projects
In this section you can find a list of Nextelligence ’s own projects, which are at different stages of development and available for purchase.
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