Nextelligence is an engineering company. We design and manufacture medical devices and equipment for industrial automation.

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Разработка «Под ключ»
3D и 2D моделирование
The creation of new products requires complex calculations, the formation of hundreds of parts assemblies, visualization to decide whether to start prototyping or not and so on.
We work in the CAD SolidWorks, one of the most powerful tools for these purposes.
Создание твердотельных CAD моделей
Разработка электроники
Electronics - is the heart and brain of any modern equipment. Electronics design requires not only knowledge of electrical engineering, but also skills in CAD design and understanding of modern component base
Ease of operation and stability of the designed device depends on the quality of written programs that control logic controllers (PLC), human-machine interfaces (HMI), and user interface (GUI). We pay special attention to the code cleanliness.
This means that after finishing the project, our source code can be supported by any other programmer

Control of the electrical load, survey sensors, the implementation of security algorithms, logic of the device’s subsystems interaction are the spheres of the microcontroller’s responsibility. The error-free operation of the ready device depends on how well the microcontroller ’s functional algorithms were described and implemented. We pay key attention to the description of the processes occurring in the device and design their algorithms before programming


Convenient interfaces are designed, considering the user requirements for the convenience and functionality of the instrument operating system. Unclear interface or ignoring its visual design can cut all the functional advantages conceived in the device.
We first think about the ease of navigation in the user interface and make its design before proceeding to the embedding functionality in each button on the screen


Human Machine Interface (HMI) - is an input-output device. The modern market offers a variety of options for product control.
Whether it popular nowadays touchscreens, keypads, or input systems using the keyboard and mouse.
We implement control logic based on any selected HMI type

Прототипирование и испытания
Prototyping and

There are always many requirements for ergonomics and reliability of any product. The prototype tested for compliance with core standards helps prove that the product conforms to the required characteristics.

Small-scale assembly
We have extensive experience in small-scale production of the developed equipment. To do so, the company has all the necessary facilities.
We can seamlessly embed the manufacturing process in your company’s supply chain without the need for investment in the assembly workshop and its staff
Reverse engineering
If you are considering about import replacement and the organization of your manufacturing of proven imported products, we can offer services of reverse engineering.
We can create and adapt CAD-models to real production capabilities. Will make the selection of the components so that the new product will have quality and functionality not worse than the old one
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