Станция макросъемки ePath Mobile

Mobile ePath macro photography station based on a medical trolley

The device for digital imaging of the patient’s biopsies and video recording the process of grossing or autopsy. Available in two versions – a mobile, based on the medical cart, and wall-mounted for a grossing station. It allows obtaining high-quality images and video, as well as making precise measurements of tissue samples, which can be subsequently uploaded to the LIS or PACS. The data collected by ePath is sufficient to track the sample from the tissue collection point to the microscope slide.


  • Full HD quality of the image
  • 10x optical zoom
  • Automatic calibration feature using the laser range finder
  • Measurement of linear dimensions and area of ​​the object using the software only
  • Integration with most LIS and PACS systems
  • Remote access to the ePath software via intranet from the pathologist’s PC
  • Optional server storage of the data
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life in video recording mode
  • CE IVD certified