Вакуумный процессор «Infiltra»

Tissue processor “Infiltra”

The walk-away system for the production of superior quality tissue blocks.

Histological processing is the most time-wasting stage of sample preparation, so it has a severe need for automation. “Infiltra” is the device that allows you to fully automate the processing stage, minimizing the need for lab staff assistance.


  • Up to 150 cassettes per run (possible redesign to enlarge the device capacity up to 300 cassettes over the customer’s demand).
  • Intelligent reagent management system
  • Vapor treatment system based on activated carbon filter
  • The ceramic rotary valve for the reagents distribution
  • 10.1″ color TFT touchscreen
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance options
  • Built-in UPS to protect from power outages
  • Sample safety system provided by software and hardware
  • Authorization of personnel with a password or RFID tag
  • Tested in accordance with ISO 61010, 61326, 60601 and other relevant standards